5 Top Graphic Design Companies to Check Out in 2021

The demand for graphic designs is increasing day by day. As a result, the number of graphic design companies is getting higher as well. And as we know, with a huge number of companies, comes huge competition. The companies fight hard to become the top choice of the customers and to do that they provide as good service as possible. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 top graphic design companies that have become their customers’ favorite with their great services.

5 Top Graphic Design Companies

• Pentagram

The London-based graphic design company does everything under the sun. That includes services like graphics, products, websites, exhibitions, packaging, and so on. Their dedication and unique take on creating designs have made them a familiar name in the graphics design household. Pentagram has reputed partners like Harley-Davidson, Citibank, Alexander McQueen, Clear Channel, Revlon, Cosmopolitan, etc. The names alone suggest just how good Pentagon is, and how worthy their services are.

Besides London, the company has its branches in Austin, New York, San Francisco, and Berlin.

• Socially

If you want to raise a storm all over the social media platforms with your brand, then Sociallyin is one of the top graphic design companies where you go. The social media advertising company is based in Birmingham, UK. It has a tendency to break the normalcy of social media platforms and bring something chaotic, something unique that catches everyone’s eyes at the first glance.

The agency has a long history of pleasing its customers by understanding what they want and what they need and combining them cleverly to bring something unique.

• Landor

Landor is one of the oldest and famous design agencies that provides services such as brand architecture, customer segmentation, brand strategy, etc. They are flexible and have always been able to stand out from the crowd with their special style and designs.

The way they present their designs gives solid proof of why they are one of today’s top graphic design companies. They know what their customers want and deliver accordingly. The giant design agency is also a brand consulting firm that provides effective guidelines on how to build a better and greater brand.

• Digital Silk

Digital Silk is famously known for having its expertise in branding and digital strategies, web design and app development, and so on. The Miami-based design agency also provides result-driven digital marketing solutions. This graphic design firm is best for the growing brands to establish themselves with a strong foundation.

• Captiva Marketing

When we talk about top graphic design companies, the name Captiva Marketing comes easily to mind. The experienced Captiva Marketing plans and creates sustainable search engine marketing solutions for brands that need strong support and nutrition for growing up. The company builds a long-term relationship with the associate companies and provides the services that they desire and need.

Bonus: PixiGraphics

Although, not a big company, but this small and relevantly new graphic design company is doing splendidly by satisfying its customers’ needs. The company shows a great potential of becoming one of the leading companies within a short time. It provides output-driven services with sustainability and uniqueness that keep the customers coming back to it.


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