5 Quick Wedding Pose and Tricks That All Wedding and Portrait Photographers St Louis Must Know

There is no magic in making people look great in pictures. There are some very simple tactics which you can follow to pose like the models on the red carpet. If they can, why can’t you? So come, let’s learn 5 very simple and basic poses which you can share with your photographer to help you rock in the pictures.

Don’t leave gaps

It’s a simple concept, yet in many group photographs, people scatter all over the place. As one of the greatest wedding and portrait photographers St. Louis, the Bright Focus Photography suggests that you stay away from this. Your images will benefit greatly from clustering or posing in a line together. If you’re in a couple, make sure your shoulders or hands are touching!


Direct head-on shots should be avoided. Why? Because there won’t be any shadows, your face will appear bigger, larger, and slightly discolored. Instead, take a step to the side and tilt your chin gently upward or downward. From there, make sure you’re looking at someplace slightly above your normal line of sight, a little above the head of the wedding photographer.

The old trick

You don’t like flabby arms, do you? No one does. Make a 45-degree angle with your torso and place the arm nearest to the photographer on your hip. Then, with one foot somewhat in front of another, point your toe toward the lens and your weight on the back leg, place one foot slightly in front of the other. This prevents your upper arm from being squeezed against your body, making it appear flat (and large). If the hand-on-hip stance is too dramatic for you, consider slightly extending your arms out through your sides.

Cross ankles

This is one of the simplest tactics that anyone can do, according to one of the finest wedding photographers St. Louis. If you’re standing up when the candid wedding photographer takes your picture, start crossing your legs at the calf. This posture will make your hips appear narrower and your legs appear longer, as well as giving you a more casual appearance.

Don’t forget to smile

This does not imply that you should practice smiling; rather, you should try smiling naturally. Smiling excessively wide on purpose will stiffen up your face, make your eyes squint, and make your cheeks bulge out, something even the greatest wedding photographers can’t fix. When you smile naturally, the area surrounding your eyes tends to crinkle a little, which reads as far more genuine than a forced smile.

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