5 Best Laravel Alternatives in 2018

We often see developers in PHP considering it the best when working on large, or on various projects. Most of us must be unaware of the PHP concept which is used spent in any given web development project. Thus, to save time and money PHP is a fantastic framework that accelerates the web development process. Hence, from a few years back a leader has mitigated crowded pack of PHP i.e Laravel.

For most coders, Laravel is the PHP framework for choice. It’s skyrocketed the competition and built a huge community pertaining to users with more flexible and scalable architecture with application management tools.

Laravel is a comparatively new-fangled platform introduced lately in 2011 on foot of Symfony 2. The founder built to resolve few concerns over Codelgniter platform mostly lack built-in prop up for authorization.

Since, Laravel has made for developers with flexible, scalable and easy to use PHP framework for web Artisans.

But what about the Laravel contenders? Answering few questions on 5 best Laravel Alternatives. Let’s look at few of them.


Symfony is one of the best PHP components used by developers to create scalable applications. You get to experiment with using 30 components to choose from. This helps users with the freedom to experiment in a RAD environment. Symfony APIs able to integrates with 3rd party applications. Popular projects with the Drupal and phpBB that are used in a Symfony framework.


Slim is one of the best framework open sources and offers well organized and details helpful for both advanced and beginners. The framework uses modules and on Ruby classes specifying middleware concept wrapping the HTTP request into a single method call.


This Laravel alternative framework built on C programming language. Therefore making is extremely fasts and efficient making it the fastest PHP frameworks for some benchmarks out there. It uses a Volt engine which is used in the Phalcon for Jinja template engine making it nice to look at and this makes it easily understandable syntax. It requires good communication skills to work on Phalcon.


This one is quick and easy and can be easily started using the latest version of CI homepage. CodeIgniter is just having small download size with having only 3MB and that would mean editing the config.php to suit the needs of any professional coder.


Since security is an integral part of any application this is a reliable application with security features not restricted to input validation and output filtering. Yii is build to make it extremely flexible and usable. Therefore you can use your own id to customize and add value to the application. Yii is a great choice for beginners for warming up and to start it right away.

Fat-Free Framework

It’s a small plug-in only weighing 23KB in size makes it popular among others. Used for PRO shortened development time and with light and fast it does not looses up its functionalities. It’s having more modules and libraries so, a little code can be obtained very quickly.

Cake PHP

It’s having the legacy code prioritizing the development phase and with the flexible and fast environment for coders. It’s heavily inspired by Rails this makes the Cake PHP building queries pretty usable and learning fun. It also uses the library class featuring Authorization AJAX forms, Emails.


This is the minimalistic version of Laravel and can be upgraded later. Therefore there is no need for code changes. Thus importing from Laravel if needed can be easily done and installed to work. It is considered the most feature-rich application with fastest and most advanced performance micro framework helps to obtain 1800/rps.

Here are the detailed information on Best Laravel Php Framework alternatives that you can use. You can Read my detailed article on Best Laravel hosting, which will help you to host your laravel websites

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