4 Helpful Maternity Shopping Tips for First-Time Moms

You may be there – or getting there. Staring at a burgeoning belly in the mirror, thinking: Mother of Pearl, I will need a crane to get my pants on. Yes, this is uncharted territory for some of you. You may feel like crawling into your husband’s sweat pants and holding down the couch until your delivery time, but don’t give up! The better you dress, the better you’ll feel! And rest assured, style and comfort don’t have to be incompatible. So here are some tips on what to wear when you’re getting ready to bear!

#Spend the money, honey!

There are many ways to save money when shopping for maternity items, but high-quality maternity and nursing bras are worth the investment! Your bras should be flexible, breathable, and, most importantly—supportive. Your back will thank you!

#Get back to basics

A well-worn pair of blue jeans is perhaps the sartorial equivalent of comfort food like mac and cheese. We can always rely on them. But, as your belly grows, don’t let your jeans get too tight. Instead, invest in a new pair, or cheat with a belly band.

The classic white blouse is essential to a wardrobe, whether you’re pregnant or not. It is great for layering under sweaters or a blazer and paired with dress skirts or loose maternity pants for pregnant ladies.

A soft jersey wrap dress that can grow with you through your pregnancy is indispensable for work and special occasions.

An ultra-soft camisole or tank top can be layered under everything!

A wrap top is just the kind of top to flatter your pregnant figure by hugging your bump and emphasizing those new juicy curves. Invest in a few!

Cute flat shoes. If you’re still wearing heels, cut it out already! As your center of gravity changes, you’ll need all the help you can get in the balance department! So go easy on your feet and find shoes that offer ample support.

#Form and color

Black may be the most slimming color, but you’re pregnant, not in mourning, for goodness’ sake! So scrap the all-black and try to have some fun. Mix up that wardrobe with some bright colors and, yes, even prints. Contrary to popular belief, prints (in the correct dose) can actually distribute the focus all over the body, not just on the belly.

Choose tops and dresses with interesting necklines that are also form-fitting. Remember, you want to hug that bump, not drape it in entire bolts of fabric. Also, make sure your cleavage is in check. You want to look stylish and appropriate–not heaving like a Harlequin heroine.

Avoid the tent dress or muumuu. Instead, choose high-stretch maternity jeans and pants with a straight leg or boot cut for a more flattering look.

#Timing is everything!

Some of you may not want to admit that it’s time for maternity wear, but you have to come around one of these days. Squeezing into your clothes is doing nothing for your appearance, not to mention your friends who live in daily fear of being pelted by buttons plotting their escape. So don’t wait too long.

As much as shopping for a new wardrobe can be fun, try to purchase only the things you need now. Don’t bother buying for week 30 when you’re only 16 weeks along. You have no idea how much weight you will gain and where. You may be surprised.

Comfortable and stylish maternity wear is just the right kind of thing to shop for your pregnancy. They can also be worn even after your pregnancy. Both online and offline, you can find a wide variety of trendy and stylish maternity wear. So go and shop for the right ones for yourself. Happy shopping!


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