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Young Japanese Prefer Cryptocurrency as an Investment

Cryptocurrency is an asset which has a lot of potential, and according to a new research 14% of young Japanese male professionals own it. This is a sign that cryptocurrency has grown from a digital technology not many knew about, to an investment similar to gold.


The research was carried out by R25 Research Institute with business men aged between 25-30, and this showed 14% of this gender, age and group owned cryptocurrency.

Another research, Macromill internet research showed 25% of men were beginners in investment with cryptocurrencies being their very first investment. The stock market, foreign exchange market and even physical goods such as gold seem to be out of fashion for the new generation.

Most cryptocurrency investments are thanks to the media portrayal of it being the best long term investment and ‘word of mouth’ from people who have benefited a lot from investing in it. The most investments started from October of 2017 when cryptocurrencies was increasing very significantly. Although cryptocurrencies have lasted for more than 10 years, it has finally found a place amongst simpletons trying to make a good investment. 2018 saw a lesser majority of investments, due to the sudden crashes and social media backing out of cryptocurrency advertisements.

The investments were pretty mediocre, with 34.5% investing around $467 which is about 50,000 yen and a few investing very heavily which shows cautious investing against cryptocurrencies.

35% of the people don’t want to continue investing as they see less promise in it, however a majority of the people want to continue it as an  investment as they still believe in it! What needs to be noted is will people keep investing or leave the initial investments to grow.

CyberAgent Inc which is headquartered in Tokyo which is called R25 is a web presence which understands lifestyles of young Japanese men, and cryptocurrency is on top of the list for these young men.

What is noticed is Japanese are more interested in investing on cryptocurrency and trading. But what is lacked is a technical approach to it, with cryptocurrency company’s having problems hiring engineers, cybersecurity experts and specialists for the booming blockchain industry.

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