What to Wear and When to Wear – Jewelry Tips for Girls

Women’s are passionate about diamond jewelry since ages! Besides providing elegance and beauty, wearing jewelry symbolizes immense power and royalty. You call it fashion or culture – women strongly consider jewelry as the important component that gives the required finishing touch to their appearances.

The list of jewelry starts from – bracelets, diamond rings, earrings, necklaces etc. But do you have an idea on what to wear and when to wear? If not, read this article now! Below mentioned are few of the collection of appealing jewelry suggested by the Albuquerque diamond jewelers that help you pull off your stylish appearance and elegance.


Wearing bracelets signifies royalty and suits any kind of outfit. Gold bracelets designed with diamond stone makes the appearance look amazing and also it will show off your hand. Make sure, you should wear bracelets on your right hand only.


If your height is short or medium, you should try out small earrings with simple designs or if you wish to wear solitaires, you can experiment them too. These solitaires are mostly chunky-button earrings that are beautifully designed with gold prongs gripping the real diamond pieces. If your height is tall, you can choose long hanging earrings or hook earrings that look better with smooth hair. Medium and long dangling earrings crafted with pure gold and diamond sparkling over it will bring uniqueness to your look and makes you look classy.


Most girls prefer wearing rings, especially diamond rings. If you prefer slim diamond rings, you should wear on the ring finger. You can wear two or three rings in different finger if they wish, but never wear 2 rings on the same finger. Girls who are having slim arms and fingers can opt for white diamond rings; as it can match up with any of your outfits. Get help from the professional jewelers in Albuquerque to find the best collection of diamond rings crafted with colored diamonds such as yellow, pink, blue, red, maroon etc.

Necklaces and Pendants

The necklaces crafted with diamond stones can be worn for evening wear to look astonishing. Gold, diamond and platinum necklaces can create a flexible statement and also gives you the stunning look. Just like, pendants too can create a mesmerizing look when they are crafted in gold along with diamonds decorated into it.

Where to Buy!

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