What Steps are Necessary if a Blank Blue Screen Appears in Mac?

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While starting MacBook, if you see a Blank blue screen with a spinning wheel, there may be few issues exist with startup items.  Under such conditions, you start your mac in the safe mode. To start mac in the safe mode, you have to press “Shift” key instantly after you hear startup sound. When apple logo displays on the screen, you need to release the keys. Now, safe boot will display on your Mac OS X startup screen. If your Mac does not begin in the safe mode, you need to repair startup disk using Disk utility. You can consult with Apple Macbook Technical Support Service team to get proper guidance immediately. Plus, you can also follow alternative methods which are given below to fix this error:-

Need to Repair Startup disk using Disk Utility:-

  1. To open Disk Utility, you need to go to Applications and then tap on Utilities.
  2. Just the once you moved into Disk Utility, you have to select the volume from the left pane that you wish to run First Aid on. It is not difficulty if it is an external hard drive. Then tap on First Aid.
  3. After this step, to begin the verification and repair procedure, just tap on Run.
  4. Just the once Disk Utility finalizes the repairing procedure, you will get the message of drop-down displaying the status.
  5. If everything is right or no issues are found, you will get the message of a green checkmark at the top of the drop-down list.
  6. But if any errors are identified, Disk Utility will repair those errors automatically.

If due to any cause, Disk Utility is not able to repair disk, you must upgrade your MacBook before it gets too much late to come up a blank blue screen. If you have any difficulty, you can call at toll free Apple MacBook Tech Support Number 1-855-461-5433 for immediate results.

Boot your Mac OS X from alternative startup device-

  1. Begin your MacBook and press “Options” button. Just by doing this, a list of available startup device will be shown on the screen. Select a device from that list to boot your mac device.
  2. Once desktop displays on Mac, you should be ready to repair permission error. Now, launch Terminal just by navigating to Applications > Utility folder.
  3. Next step, you need to enter this command in Terminal. Sudo Chown root.
  4. After putting this command, you need to press “Enter” key. Now, you will be asked to enter administrator password, just enter it correctly and hit Enter.
  5. You need to enter the succeeding command and press “Enter” key at once. Sudo Chmod 1775“Volumes/startupdrive/”.

Now, your Startup drive has the right permissions and able to boot your Mac OS X. Still if you are facing Blank Blue Screen, you must call at toll free Apple MacBook Technical Support Number 1-855-461-5433 to get instant solutions.

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