Ways for Reducing the Cost of Using Recording Studios in Sydney

Written by Crashsymphony

Are rates for recording studios eating too much into your bank account? You certainly aren’t alone. Once you factor in the cost of musicians, the engineer, and several other factors, recording studio-usage prices could climb very high. So, how exactly do you cushion the challenge but still get the most possible from the sessions? It’s by easily doing things differently. Here are some tips for decreasing the cost of using a professional studio for your recordings in Sydney.

Consistent practice

This can never be overstressed. If you desire spending the least for the highest quality, then you must understand that most professional studios charge by hours. Walking into a studio and spending 2 hours just trying to figure out where to begin will certainly produce a heavy bill in the end. Learn your material till you can recite it even in sleep before even considering a session booking. This produces a massive difference in your final price as the less time you spend using the studio, the less you have to pay.

Negotiating a flat rate

As mentioned, most studios’ prices are time-based and not necessarily project-based. If possible, attempt negotiating a one-time fee for all the services you desire. The key is advising that you plan on recording a particular number of tracks then negotiating from there. If you guarantee say 12 tracks to be recorded at the studio, then any professional recording studio in Sydney will certainly give you a deal for the project. Most times, this becomes possible when you are a professional and the studio feels it will take you little time to complete each of your tracks. The studio is then happy with the business and you get to record your album at a price that’s quite reasonable.

Look for an investor

Sometimes, recording studios can’t be avoided. So, what do the big fishes do in such instances? They look for investors. Let’s assume a big player needs to record an album that will cost $100,000 to complete. The big player’s label becomes the investor as they believe he will generate well more than that amount. The big player focuses on his craft and the label worries about raising the money. This strategy normally works if you are into music to make money. People love knowing that they will get their money back from recording studio prices, therefore having an excellent plan concerning how you will return the money is quite vital.

Record your vocals

Most times, a studio will charge for mixing, tracking, and possibly mastering your recording. They include all in the session costs and this can sometimes be extremely decreased by just a little learning. Supposing the studio charges $5/hour for the session, $20/mixing, and $20/mastering, a 4 hour session could then cost $60. But you can certainly save $20 if you only need your music to be mixed and mastered. You could then use your savings to mix and master a different project.

It is hoped that these tips will help you in decreasing prices that you currently pay at Sydney recording studios. It can sometimes get tough and every single cent counts when in such situations. You will certainly succeed with the right planning.

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