What are the Types of Metals Used in Surgical Instruments?

The use of metals in medicine is used extensively for orthopedic implants with a variety forms. Multiple alternative materials have been tested under trial and error before used in bone replacements, surgical instruments and other medical devices such as surgical cautery (an optical device used to give magnified visibility while operating), forceps, scissors etc. However, Metals yield the best results compared to other materials like wood, ivory, acrylic, rubber, etc.

The rapid use of metallic alloys in modern times coincides with the latest technology enhancements which give healthcare practitioners better comfort and durability. Noble metals, iron, chromium, titanium, and cobalt are also commonly used for surgical instruments such as Surgical Loupe, etc. These alloys made from superior metals are safer and, more efficient for all orthopedic implants and surgical operations. Biomed basket has been manufacturing medical goods and instruments for decades and is proficient enough to deliver even custom made requirements as per physician or surgeons requirements. Our alloys provide a long-term stability in surgical instruments with a high level of resistance to corrosion and certain mechanical characteristics.

Most Common Metals used in Surgical Instruments:

  • Austenitic: A 300 series category type stainless steel with high anti-corrosion ability that can be heat hardened.
  • Martensitic: The stainless steel falls under a 400 series which is slightly weak on corrosion due to the presence of nickel.
  • LVM stainless steel: used widely for implants such as plates, surgical cautery screws, and pins with a strong durability and anti-corrosive properties.
  • Sterling Silver: Used widely for probes and tracheotomy.
  • Titanium: Commonly used for microsurgical instruments. Its characteristics are strong with non-magnetic properties and are also known for its light weight.
  • Tungsten Carbide: This metal is used exclusively for making blades, jaw in needle holders, scissors, etc. Instruments are normally of gold color.

Biomed Basket can deliver all surgical instruments to be metal specific; we know the uses of each instrument and can meet the specifications for all healthcare requirements. Our knowledge and long term experience has rendered us to be more efficient and enabled us to offer superior quality at easily affordable prices. Biomed Basket is the best for surgical instruments & it is trustworthy and reliable healthcare instrument and equipment manufacturer and supplier.

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