Top Features in Windows 8

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Windows 8 was introduced by Microsoft. It is personal computer operating system. There have many different version of Windows introduced over the years, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. In Windows 8 introduced many changes to the operating system’s platform and user interface for both desktop and tablets. It also changes in features and adds some more features. Below we discussed Features of Windows 8.

  1. Start Screen-Windows 8 systems start screen is called as Metro screen. It is a collection of grid tiles, each of which represents an application, programs or settings. Grid tiles can be arranged with or without group names. These tiles can either be small or large in size. Users can arrange individual apps or entire tiles. On Windows 8, the Start Screen is displayed by default. Users can also access the Start Screen by using the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Refresh and Reset- These are two new features of the operating system Windows 8 offers a very easy way. Refresh allows users to re-installs Windows without affecting your personal files. If you are running into an error that you can’t resolve this can be helpful. On the other hand, Reset restores the operating system. Both required admin access to do.
  3. Speedy Boot Time- Windows 8 boot times up to 70% faster than previous operating system. Its add Hybrid boot for saving some of the data instantly which is required to boot to the disk to speed up the system.
  4. Task Manager- The Task Manager in Windows 8 is much improved. Task Manager defaults to a simple view which displays only a list of computer programs with a Window.In this tool, some new features have been added. It offers a detailed look at how system resources are used. It allowing you to determine which programs are allowed to run automatically on boot. It recognizes when a Windows runtime application is in “Suspended” It adds more functionality for attractive space.
  5. Touch Interface- Windows 8 is designed for touchscreens. It allows you to squeeze tightly between the fingers to zoom out and see your whole Start stream of tiles and panels in one go.
  6. Lock Screen-Microsoft has added a new feature of the lock screen in the Windows 8. The Lock screen is looking awesome. Its got a beautiful picture along with a few widgets full of information like the time, weather and so on. Users can swipe to unlock. They can also type a normal password to lock screen.
  7. MultiScreen- If your computer connects to multiple screens you will get the benefit of multiple systems in Windows 8. At the same time, to display the start page on one screen and the desktop on other screens.
  8. Internet Explorer-In Windows 8, the Internet Explorer will come as Metro style app as well as standard desktop version.
  9. Windows Store- The Windows Store looks like the home screen, with tiles that correspond to different categories and featured apps. It is used in Microsoft Account. Users can purchase, download and install in Windows 8. There are limited apps to the Start Screen environment. The Store has free and paid apps. It contains not only touch-based for tablet and also for desktop Windows apps.
  10. Search-In Windows 8, there is no search box at the bottom of the Start menu instead a search box will appear on the right. The search capability is stronger and displaying all the matching apps and files. The search function defaults to searching for apps in the store.

These features allowing the users new programming and technology run faster. In case, if you want to get more information related to Microsoft Windows 8 then you can Contact us 1-8448914883.


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