The advantages of choosing custom kitchen cabinets over stock cabinets

Written by adamsmith

A kitchen cabinet is a quintessential part of your kitchen as it complements the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen while also serving utilitarian purposes. There are various types of kitchen cabinets in Houston such as specialty unit cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, base and wall cabinets, custom cabinets, stock cabinets.

In the case of stock cabinets, you are basically purchasing a pre-decided design that has already been manufactured, and it might not cater to your personal requirements and preferences. However what makes custom cabinets distinct from stock cabinets is the fact they are constructed manually in your presence. The installation of these kitchen cabinets is more expensive than that of others; there are several advantages which make people prefer them over stock cabinets. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  1. Best utility of your storage space: With stock cabinets, sometimes the storage space offered is either too small or too big for all your kitchen equipment. It happens because these cabinets are made beforehand according to a certain standard. With custom kitchen cabinets, you can have the exact storage space that you want for your kitchen equipment. You can also make some minor adjustments like adding spice cabinets, island cabinetry, and cutlery cabinets to your design to arrange your appliances in the most organized manner possible.
  2. High-quality of craftsmanship: Custom kitchen designers are expert craftsmen who are committed to designing the most ideal kitchen cabinetry for you. Their skillfulness ensures the durability of the custom cabinets. As a result, custom kitchen cabinets boast of the finest quality.
  3. Easy access: The experts will be installing the custom cabinets inside your kitchen in a way that will match your height. This will give you easy access to your kitchen equipment.
  4. Caters to personal preference of design: There are a plethora of design options available within the category of custom cabinets. Before building the cabinet, the designers will take into account your storage inclination, design preferences, taste, cooking habits and lifestyle. As a result, the final piece of the cabinet will be tailored according to your personalized choices and needs.
  5. Custom-made for your kitchen: Custom cabinets will be crafted and installed according to the size of your kitchen. The experts of the specialized companies themselves will come and measure the size of your kitchen. This is one of the major problems in the case of stock cabinets as your kitchen might not be able to accommodate a cabinet which has already been manufactured before.
  6. Self-selection of materials: With these cabinets, you would have the creative freedom to choose the perfect material for your cabinet. The cabinets will be designed with the specific type of wood, finish, and style that you prefer. Generally, materials like different types of woods, stainless steel, and various other metals are used for this purpose.

Apart from these reasons, eco-friendliness of the custom cabinets also make them a favorable option over stock cabinets.

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