The 4 most effective ways to implement home ventilation in New Zealand

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There are several varying types of home ventilation systems in NZ. You are probably living in a house that features no ventilation except if you open doors and windows when there is a need to do so. Therefore, you might be pondering concerning the need for installing any ventilation system.

Reasons for ventilating your home

  1. Reduction of the build-up of condensation: When the air within your home turns too dense and humid, it loses its ability to retain moisture. Condensation then starts forming, ending in issues like mildew and mould.

  2. Properly filtering out allergens: Open doors and windows don’t always ensure that allergens are let out. With poor ventilation, allergens like pollen can easily multiply and get trapped in your house. The correct home ventilation system ensures that they never get any chance to rankle and grow, thereby offering clean and clearer air for people suffering from allergens.

  3. Conditions: Improper ventilation could end in damp, musty conditions that cause respiratory conditions for asthma sufferers. Furthermore, appropriate ventilation aids the reduction of mites which are causes of several problems like itching, skin conditions, and breathing challenges.

  4. Ways of ventilating your home

    1. Natural ventilation: This kind of ventilation comprises adjusting specific home features that help in bringing fresh air in. The solar chimney, which allows the sun to heat domestic air, thereby letting it rise up via the chimney, is an excellent example of this home ventilation system. Resultantly, the home’s internal pressure is decreased, enabling fresh air to be admitted.

    2. Supply-only ventilation: This ventilation style involves using fans that are fixed in strategic areas to supply fresh air into your house. The system enables fresh air to be conveyed to a single area of or the whole house via air vents. Nevertheless, the system doesn’t offer a means of expelling musty damp air. It depends on air leakage sites like cracks all through the house to expel stale air.

    3. Exhaust-only ventilation: This is the opposite of the supply-only system. It’s a ventilation system that comprises expelling stale air, while depending on purely natural means to draw clean, fresh air into your house. Exhaust fans are normally situated in parts of the house like the bathroom and kitchen, which feature significant quantities of moisture. The amazing thing is that they could be run either continuously or alternately. When the moist air has been expelled, clean fresh air can then be admitted into the house.

    4. Balanced ventilation: This is a blend of the exhaust and supply-only ventilation systems. The system comprises creating the outflow of damp, stale air and the inflow of dry, clean air. The system features control in deciding where exactly the clean air comes from, where it gets delivered to, and where the stale air gets expelled from.

    These are the varying ways for ventilating your home. A specialist of ventilation systems in NZ will certainly be able to recommend the option that will potentially be the most suitable for your home. Ensure that you consult them as proper ventilation is quite crucial to your health and that of all those in your home.

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