Save cat from falling in this tap-tap game for Android

Written by priyaRock

To make any tap-tap game accepted and liked by the kids is one of the difficult tasks that a game developer has to do. As the kids are very particular about what they want in their game, if they don’t get that then your game is nowhere on their favorite list. Considering the fluctuating likings of the kids, the developed game has to have all the right and attractive features to be known as the best tap-tap game for Android.

But what exactly makes a tap-tap game so much popular amongst the audience? Well, there are a lot of features and attraction that this game offers to the kids. Here are some of the features that make this game so amazing and popular amongst the kids:

  1. Simple: This tap-tap game is based on the simple concept of saving the cat from falling into the pits. The kids don’t have to apply any of the special efforts or thoughts while playing this game as it just requires simple instructions to be followed. The game can be controlled even with three fingers which further add as an advantage to the popularity of the game.
  2. Fluctuating speed: While trying to make this game simple, it has been made sure that the game should not get boring. Therefore, the kids are offered with a fluctuating speed of the cat when they are saving it from falling. The fluctuating speed of the cat keeps the interest of the kids when they are trying to tap the cat on the ground.
  3. Offline mode: Most of the game requires the audience to have an access to the Internet for playing the game. But there are many times when you don’t have the access to the Internet when we want to play the game. So what should be done at that time? Well, this tap-tap game for Android is so designed that it eliminates the need of having an Internet access for playing the game.
  4. Small size: Small size of this game strengthens the popularity of the game not only amongst the kids but also amongst the players of other age groups. The small size of the game makes sure that it does not hamper the normal functioning of the device. This lets the users enjoy the game without worrying about any of their important features being stopped.
  5. Unlimited play: Looking for the right companion when bored? This tap-tap game with its unlimited play chances can be the one. The game offers unlimited chances to play and protect the cat from falling into the pit. You just have to make sure to tap on the screen for changing the direction of the cat whenever it is near to fall down.
  6. Attractive graphics: The game is made with its amazing graphics and this game takes this very seriously. Thus, it offers its player with the best of the graphics display that can hold their attention and interests.

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