Reason to buy precription glasses
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Our eyes are the most precious parts of which make us see the world clearly but, we sometimes find that we have been prescribed eyeglasses where vision is not 100 percent accurate. This is one of the reasons to buy High-Quality Lens for Your Prescription Eyeglasses.

Your prescription eyeglass does not just offer you the right eye vision but at the same time, allows you to be perceived as a distinguished individual. People even give you more attention than others. Prescription glasses help people see the real you, In other words it can help to create a better image of your, one you want to portray.

The key is to find the right prescription glasses frames to match your personality and lifestyle.

Studies have also shown that those men and women who wear stylish prescription eyeglasses are evaluated as more honorable, responsible and even more straightforward than those who don’t wear glasses. Glasses may add sophistication to your look and give you the polished finish you’re looking for.

When you have difficulty in reading a novel or a newspaper consider getting an eye exam to see if you need reading glasses. Think about how much strain you put on your eyes when you squint every time you read. Reading glasses are perfect for those who struggle with farsightedness, and you don’t even have to wear them all the time.

The benefit of buying glasses from online stores such as AusSpecs (who is amongst the best, top-ranking stores) we do not just offer high-class frames, but also superior quality lenses. The motive is to inspire our consumers to obtain the best quality results from us as they are among those top-ranking manufacturers who offer such unbelievable quality men’s & women’s prescription eyeglasses at such affordable rates.

So, when the topic arrives at cost-effective prescription eyeglasses online, you can definitely count on our trustworthiness and quality.

Check out our website today to get to know the best online Deals on the latest frames and lenses. You can be assured that we can provide you absolutely unmatched quality at the lowest price.

About : The Journey

AusSpecs (Australian Spectacle Wholesalers) based in Western Australia, is a Pioneer Australian company in Online Spectacles and have been saving Australians huge amounts of money since 2006..

We take extreme pride in the quality of the eyeglasses we supply, the attention to our customers and the simplicity of our order processes.

In 2006 AusSpecs commenced selling Spectacles online direct to the Australian Public. At the time there was just one other optical dispenser online and the two companies individually set out to 1) Educate the Australian Public that there was a better and cheaper way to obtain optical script glasses and 2) To save the the public on an individual level hundreds of dollars for quality spectacles and on a collective basis a saving of literally Millions of Dollars. There are now hundreds of sites selling their products into Australia with virtually all of them being based outside of Australia and obviously not subject to the protections afforded by an Australian Company as is AusSpecs.

To succeed in supplying Optical Glasses to Australia for the long term it is necessary to supply quality product. Second grade glasses will not cut it. For this reason AusSpecs offers only quality reading glassesdistance glassesmulti focal, Progressive and bifocal spectaclesand all at the cheapest prices in Australia.

Australia is a land of hot summers and high UV Radiation which demands that we protect our eyes from these damaging elements. When it come to Optical lenses obviously there is a high demand for such things as Photochromic lenses, graduated tinted lenses and normal sunglasses tinting. All of these top quality lenses are standard options with nearly all of our spectacles .

At the same time as the requirement to supply high quality optical lenses the Australian Public require equally high quality in Optical Frames. People like to look good as well as see well. The balance is sometimes a little difficult to meet but we find that because many of our frames are designed by some of the top European designers this is not a difficult task to accomplish with AusSpecs Frames.

Range of fashion and functional frames. We pride ourselves at in that we are a “discount glasses online superstore” supplying first grade quality online glasses, spectacles and eyeglasses to Australia at the cheapest prices online. Prices that rival those offered World Wide not to mention the hundreds of dollars to be saved by not paying retail prices from the retail conglomerates

The above is a big statement and we invite you to obtain a quote from the retail giants and compare our price. You will be amazed at the massive savings you will make for the same quality product through AusSpecs.

With AusSpecs, inexpensive does not mean Cheap. Please read the REAL feedback received from our clients who have taken the time to send feedback about the glasses received from AusSpecs and openly state that they are extremely happy with both the quality and price. There is no better compliment than having clients recommend AusSpecs to other family members and friends .Please read our customer feedback .

There is only one way to produce first grade quality glasses. It is necessary have state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified optical engineers that operate to the highest standards. This is why we can offer a full 30 day guarantee of quality and warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. Non Australian companies, if they offer a warranty at all, is only 30days.The quality of our eyeglasses is first class and we stand behind each pair.

Quality Control. Each pair of eyeglasses is checked by highly trained quality control staff before being shipped from our distribution division direct to our customers, this way you can be assured that quality standards are maintained to the highest levels.

Affordability. Australians are fortunate, in a lot of cases, to be able to afford to be members of Health Funds. These funds generally cover the cost or a portion of the cost of your new specs. Unfortunately the vast majority of Australians are not in a Health Fund and as such must bear the full weight of the cost of a new pair of spectacles. For those not covered by Health Insurance then you have definitely found the right place because we proudly state that you will not buy quality this cheaply anywhere else.

Ease of ordering. The online program has been designed to be an easy and stress free exercise. The system is laid out in a logical order where you simply input the required information as you step through the system. All that is required to buy your Optical glasses Prescription Spectacles through AusSpecs is that you visit your optometrist and obtain your script then input the details into the very straight forward form on the AusSpecs web site. Our professionals do the rest.

With our reputation for Quality leaves no doubt that AusSpecs is by far the safest, best and cheapest option available for buying eyeglasses online.

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