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Any business software that helps to streamline and automate HR related task and employee information in a company can be considered as HR administration software. It simplifies and optimizes the process of managing people, automating manual tasks, and keeping information orderly. 

Open hrms is the Free HR Administration software.

Open HRMS automate the routine and time-consuming HR tasks and spent more time working with the organizational goals. Get rid of your paper works, capture, store, secure, and access information in a more efficient way. Open HRMS automate HR management tasks and improve the productivity of the workforce.

  1. Recruitment: To list your openings, to define recruitment stages, to track and manage applicants.
  1. Appraisal: To create evaluation plans, design surveys and interviews, schedule the evaluation and do periodic appraisals.
  1. Employee database: To organize and manage all the employee data from a single point. Keep the log of employee life cycle and examine the improvements in your workforce over the period of time.
  1. HR Administration: You can create organization employee hierarchy and control data/information flow inside the system. You can restrict or give access to assigned users based on job title/ role, circulate information via reminders, emails and get responses through the proper channel.
  2.  Payroll: To keep employee data integrated with payroll data. It streamlines entire management process.  Also, create and configure contract for each employee and any type of employee benefits in salary structure.
  3. Attendance and leaves: it is integrated with payroll and leaves management system. Manual track of attendance and leaves of employees is obviously one of the tedious tasks. So a leave and Attendance management system can save a lot of time and money for a business.
  4. HR Reports: An important part of managing Human Resources. It includes HR Monitoring, Management information, track problem areas.
  5. Employee benefits: To manage the insurance allowances of an employee on the yearly or monthly basis, configure different loan policies, assign approval authority, configure advance salary rules and provide salary in advance to your employees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 By effectively automating information through an HRMS, HR departments can see a snapshot of an employee much quicker and evaluate their performance in a more efficient way.

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