Online Shopping – A New Trend of Modern Era

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Online Shopping – A New Trend of Modern Era


Technology has made today’s world a small place where an individual has got maximum options to enjoy the luxury of life. A research says that there are 440 million internet users in India and this number will shortly be around 800 million by the end of 2020. This has brought new ideas that have been successful like Uber – cab services, Swiggy food delivery app, E-market place like Amazon, Flip kart, Shopmuni, Snapdeal and others. E-market place has brought many options and a wide variety of day to day products keeping in mind all the requirements of the individual that they look for in big stores. There are some big players along with the upcoming players in this sector. Here are the 5 points for the shopper that can benefit them:  


1 Advantage of Price Comparison:

This gives you a big advantage by comparing the price of products at multiple places for instance you can find Chappal , Jutti, Loafer, Safety Shoes, Casual Shoes, Canvas, Sneaker, Sport Shoes, Formal Shoes, Party Shoes at each market place and also their prices would be different at all places so this gives you an opportunity to buy at best price and get the best deal on the Men Footwear

2 Advantage of Buying from Big Player and New Player:

There are big players that have been successful in developing their own brand and have been active in last couple of decades to hold their prestige by their efficiency whereas New Players like Shopmuni have tried to establish themselves by selling the products like Footwear at very effective prices compared to big players.

3 Advantage of numbers:

The big players being a brand has got around a million orders a week that keeps them on their toes so that they do not reduce their no. whereas the new players has tried to provide best support to the customer because every individual is very important to the small players and they are willing to establish themselves by providing best deals to each customers.

4 Finding the Best Product:

It has been found that many a times customers has failed to find the product they need due to loopholes in category structure and are not able to visualize all the products because of the cluster of products available and for this the buying from new players like Shopmuni has been preferred as the customer has reviewed their category structure as one of the best and are able to go through the product easily. For instance it is easy to find Shoes from Men Footwear in Footwear


 5 Advantage of Shoppers on the basis of Sellers

According to the analysis made by it has been found that Shoppers are happy to buy the products from the place where they need to spend minimum and also the sellers are happy to sell at the places where they have the benefit of receiving payment in short tenure. This leads for the seller to sell the product at the best price where they do not have to wait for more time. The big players are suppose to release the money of the seller after 15-90 days where as new players on talking about Shopmuni has made the best payment policy possible.


E-Market Places has been one of the greatest ideas that has been implemented and also the advantages of Trusting Big Players and New Players are totally different so it is now on the shopper to select the place. Would like to know whether you trust New Player or a Big Player?

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