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Carbon Brushes
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We provide anything you need. Our site has been serving customers with utmost competence since 2016. All sorts of electrical carbon brushes are available on our website. Our most prized products are the obsolete carbon brushes which are rarely available anywhere else and we are confident in the service we offer to our customers along with our diverse stock of electrical components.

Our site specialises in all kinds of carbon brushes especially obsolete ones. Finding the correct one of optimum size is an arduous task. With just a little misalignment due to wrong size, the entire motor may be damaged or may result in the motor wearing out faster.

If you are looking for some carbon brushes that may be outdated or are hard to find, you are at the right place. No ,matter what kind you are looking for , we here to provide you with everything you may need.

we also deals with vacuum motor brushes and also vacuum motor brushes replacement.

These are generally sliding contacts which are generally used as a transmitter for electrical current from a static to the rotating part of the motor, to ensure a spark free transmission.

These  are generally grouped into 5 different grades:

  1. A- Carbon/Carbon-Graphite
  2. B- Electrographitic
  3. C- Graphite
  4. F- Metal-Graphite
  5. G- Metal-Graphite with more than 80% metal content.

Our website provides you with all grades of electrical carbon brushes, those available in the market and also those which are presently unavailable or is out of the current stock in many of the stores available both online and offline.

Some of the leading manufacturers of electrical carbon brushes are partners with our initiative and we are glad to have their products for sale on our website. We respect and honour their decision and their companies as manufacturers of these produsts. Mentioned below are some of our leading manufacturers:

  1. Einhell : These are some of the most frequently used brushes in the industry. A lot of their brushes have already been outdated. So, if you are looking for some Einhell carbon brushes visit our website. Check out our website for access to some of the best products from titan brushes. Einhell provides some of the oldest and most capable carbon brushes and has a very good reputation in the market for its exceptional life.
  2. Evolution : Another leading producer of electrical carbon brushes on our website. Evolution brushes are known for their reasonable prices and their reliability in usage. The longevity of evolution brushes are worth the mention. So if you are looking for some evolution brushes and are unable to find it anywhere else, don’t worry because our site will provide it all. We also provide any accessories we may need along with the brushes for proper use.
  3. TITAN series of carbon brushes is also one of our products most in demand and we assure you the best quality TITAN brushes. So, if you are looking for some of the best carbon brushes in the market we are going to provide you with exactly what you want.

Our site has everything you may need when it comes to carbon brushes. Size matters and so does every other detail, and thus we keep at hand all sorts of brushes and never let our customers go unsatisfied.

Our site has a minimum order requirement of 2 to be accepted for validated delivery. Dispatch may be available on the same day.

Browse easily and choose wisely.

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