Learn Guitar Without A Tutor

Ever wanted to play guitar like the pros? Be able to shred like Slash or Eddie Van Halen, play blues like Stevie Ray Vaughn or even rock out like Jimi Hendrix? Well my friends, you are in luck today, because you don’t have to look much further. If you end up taking a course at a college or school, its roughly 500 dollars a semester just for the intro to guitar course. Tutors aren’t something that is cheap at all, making anywhere from 20-45 dollars an hour. At around $30 dollar an hour, you could spend around $3000 a year on a tutor! There isn’t any cheap way to learn guitar?

This is where the above statement couldn’t be more wrong. There are tons of products on the market today that offer a beginning guitar proper lessons. Are any of these lessons worth your time? For the most part not really. They show you from the beginning, this is a guitar. This is a string, you strum this to make a note. If you really want to learn guitar, you need something that isn’t going to make you lose interest in learning, much like these lessons. They make guitar lessons boring!

Before you pull your hair out, there are a few lessons on the market that offer the same benefits as a tutor. Learn & Master Guitar has endless benefits, its loads cheaper than a tutor, you can use it anytime, it’s not boring and most importantly, the product is very comprehensive.Learn & Master Guitar by Steve Krenz is an awesome example of these superior lessons. You won’t be disappointed with this program – it comes with tons of extras. The folks at Learn and Master also have courses for Blues Guitar, Learn and Master Bass Guitar, and Guitar Setup and Maintenance.

It is a no brainer. Check it out, you get to pause and play your guitar lessons on DVD, and play them anytime. You can’t tell your tutor to hang on a minute while you go cook dinner or take your kids to their soccer game. All you have to do is make an one time payment for Learn and Master Guitar and you end up with all the bonuses as well. If you have any problems with L&M guitar, all you have to do is contact them for quick support. Or you can take a few minutes and talk to other L&M Guitar owners about your problems or contact the support team. Best of luck learning!

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