How to Create Data Access for the Users

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The setup to the Data Access can be found in configuration setup page or from Implementation projects. Click on the “Manage

Data Access for Users” link to navigate to the below-shown page when the data access can be provided to users

Before coming to this page, the user should be added to the required role. The role itself can restrict the users to

specific organization / Business Unit. If the Role added to the user is a generic role without and org specific

restrictions then the “Manage Data Access for Users” page can be used to restrict the users to access specific BU,

Inventory Org, Dataset, etc.,

Below screenshot shows the addition of Inventory Manager role to the user. The assigned Inventory Manager role does not

restrict users to any specific organization. So we can restrict the user to access only specific org by creating data


After search and select the button Authorize Data Access and we got download one excel sheet. There are two ways to create

the data access. The first way is to create the data access by clicking on “+” plus icon and the second one is through FBDI

update. If one or two roles to be set up with data access then the manual way can be followed and if many roles within the

user need data access then excel upload can be used.

Below example shows the excel based update

On click of the Excel sheet will open with a Prompt message

Here we click the Yes button

We need to enter the credentials on the login screen. On click of the Sign, the button will display the excel sheet with

If we upload the data access from the excel sheet to the application, we should install the software ‘adfdi’. Then only we

can able to upload the data access to the application.

On the Excel sheet click the column Security Contest Values and row in Inventory Organization

On click on the relevant name will directly navigate to Oracle application: Inventory Organization

We have entered the 001 in the organization and search and select Organization Name as Seattle(001) and click the OK button

After entering the Organization Name we will get 1 values in the relevant row. And we need to put a value on excel ‘001 and


We need to select the Reference Dataset and should enter the value as US1 BU Set and click ok button

We will get the value on the excel sheet like below

In Ledger row, we need to enter the value in US Ledger Set.

Once we entered all the relevant rows will click on excel sheet Authorize Data Access for Users tab and select Upload icon

After upload the data’s on excel sheet to the application, we need to check whether the role will get the data access.

Manage Data Access for Users screen we should select Users with Data Access and Security Context->All and enter the

username and click the search.

If we upload the data successfully from the excel sheet we will get the data’s like this.

If we need to add the data access manually, will click the + (create)button and enter the fields like User Name, Role,

Security Context and Security Context Values Now we have to log out ad login then see the changes in the specific user to
whom the data access is assigned.

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