How Tile Can Get Discolored

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Written by Sraley

How Tile Can Get Discolored

A common problem that homeowners often face in tiled areas is staining due to either a water mishap or incorrect cleaning methods. Most tiles, even if glazed, are at least somewhat porous. Tile can get dirty just like carpet cleaning. That means certain substances are known to penetrate the surface of tile and become tough stains to remove. Over time, tile can pick up many different stains and dirt, and will eventually need to be restored or refreshed. Below are some common reasons that tile might stain and how to avoid it.

Letting Spills Sit

If you accidentally let liquid sit on the tile for any length of time, it will do some damage. This applies to water and overly wet mopping as well. The same stains that are absorbed into and stain any type of fabric will do the same thing to your tile. It just takes a little longer. Most people don’t realize this until after the fact, but if you are good about cleaning up stains in a reasonable amount of time you can avoid any sort of discoloration due to this.

Infrequent Sweeping and Mopping

Dirt is the worst enemy of any type of floor, including tile and grout. Dust and dirt are abrasive, so overtime they can damage practically anything and will absolutely discolor your floors and grout. The only way to keep dirt at bay is to have a regular cleaning routine to ensure the amount of dirt in your home and on your floors doesn’t start to pile up and get out of control. A good rule of thumb is to sweep and dust at least once a week, but more if you have pets and family in the house.

Using Harmful Cleaning Chemicals or Scrubbing Incorrectly

Many people take on tile cleaning challenges on their own, but if you don’t know the proper cleaning techniques for your specific type of tile, this is not the best idea. Many products out there have bleach or ammonia in them, which is sure to discolor your tile over time. Some people even try to use things like steel wool and hard scrubbers on tile, but the finish on your tile won’t last against tools like this. It’s better to use soft cleaning towels and mops with mild cleaning agents to get the best results.

Professional Tile Cleaners

If the idea of heavy scrubbing and long hours of work doesn’t appeal to you, hire a professional tile cleaning service to restore your tile and remove stains. Certified technicians use high tech truck mounted equipment that is powerful enough to refresh you floors but will never damage, stain, or discolor your tile. If this is your first time considering professional tile cleaning, there is no other time than now.


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