How can physiotherapy help with minimizing the effects of aging?

Written by Michael Devine

Aging strikes every single part of our body, but there are certain areas like bones, joints, spine, circulatory system, muscles & tendons etc. that receives the heavier blow. While most of us consider physiotherapy in Perth as a solution to recover from injuries, it is much more than that. In Perth physiotherapy sessions can not only help us get fit, but also stay the same way. It minimizes the impact of the changes we experience as we get older and preserve our well-being for the next several years. Here is how it is done,

– Initially, your physio in Perth would do a complete body examination to get to know whether you have any specify issues in your body that deserves special attention. For instance, if you are suffering from a considerable low bone density, then the physiotherapist would devise a special course of treatment that would help enhance your bone strength and prevent any additional bone density loss.

– Your joints can be very complex and needs a closer inspection. Particular joints could be more affected when compared to the rest and might be perturbed in a specific direction more than the other. After identifying the affected areas, your physio would come up with a regimen to keep your joints flexible and loose.

– Other than that, your physiotherapist can also suggest low-pressure exercises to remedy back pains and issues you might be experiencing with your circulatory system, muscles and tendons. Usually physios would start their therapy with stretches or yoga before moving on to other physical activities like walking, hiking etc.

– Physiotherapy also includes balance exercises that would help you avoid enduring any serious injuries because of falling and improve the overall quality of your life. Your physiotherapist would help you strengthen your muscles and deal with any issues you might be having with walking.

As we age, it is hard to accept that we are experiencing any health problems and it is natural to ignore the symptoms. But sooner you treat the issue, the lesser it impacts your general health.

The author is a general physician and specialized in treating the elderly. He has written various articles about preventive health care, emergency aid, cardio vascular disease and physiotherapy. He recommends Sports Mediaco for undertaking physiotherapy in Perth. To know more about this facility, visit

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