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Business Problem

HIPAA Compliance SaaS platform is the need of the hour. Healthcare, as we know it today, has become a complex maze of regulatory acts and bodies. Nowadays it is very easy to breach an individual’s privacy, especially that regarding an individuals health. There is an organised insurance fraud industry which works to steal Protected Health Information.Given this scenario, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 better known as HIPAA was enacted by the United States Congress. HIPAA Protected Health Information is a multi-tiered architecture to secure the health care system care system and is being accepted by several nations in addition to the US.

Though it covers several aspects, one of the most prominent features of HIPAA is Protected Health Information. It does not allow patient health information to be shared over non-secure platforms. The private information about a patient’s health must not be viewed by any unauthorized person. Healthcare entities must comply to HIPAA law as these entities uses, stores, maintains and transmits the patient health records to other entities. Non-compliance with these rules by any of the stakeholders can result in huge audit fines being imposed on the concerned enterprise.

Though HIPAA Protected Health Information is of such immense importance, it was surprising to learn: 87% doctors/dentists send unencrypted protected health information or PHI, 53% doctors/dentists know this is wrong, 38% of doctors/dentists are familiar with HITECH (an extension of HIPAA) and 96% doctors/dentists want to send medical information through email. This means there was an urgent requirement for a platform which would:

  • Allow exchange of PHI over a secure platform, without compromising the confidentiality of the patient.
  • Reduce fraudulent activity.

Technology Solution

Qwentic is among the world’s few successful consulting companies, who focus on Go solutions approach to come up with SaaS applications. The SaaS application that we developed features an encrypted messaging system. It helps to transfer patients sensitive data securely, between two validated users. This application utilizes the most up to date and highly sophisticated cryptography algorithms. It is not possible for any unauthorized person to encrypt the information, even if the system is hacked into. What is unique about this system is that the files are in an encrypted form while being stored as well as transferred. It is only when it is being viewed that the file can be decrypted with the help of a key which only the authorized personnel possess.Powered by Golang our Go solutions are extremely innovative and competitively priced.

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