Fog Computing Market Research Report by Forecast to 2022

Fog Computing Market
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The increasing expansion of Internet of things and wireless connectivity of physical objects is expected in high generation of data. It will become need of an hour to efficiently manage the data on network edge than to process on cloud. Fog computing will support in solving the problem at data level by keeping intelligence at the local area network, than processing through a cloud computing data center. This factors are expected in the high adoption of Fog computing in the forecast period.

The study indicates that many players are taking initiatives in the development of fog computing. Major players such as Cisco Systems Inc. (U.S.), Microsoft Corporation (U.S.), Dell Inc. (U.S.), and Intel Corporation (U.S.) are undertaking development plans deliver the business value of fog computing. The fog computing is expected to support the SME’s and Large scale organizations by offering advantages such as reducing the amount of data sent to the cloud, efficient management of data, allows decision making at the network edge, and long term analytics among others.

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The factors driving the growth of the fog computing market are increasing applications of internet of things in smart energy, smart homes, smart manufacturing, and connected healthcare among others. Other factors supporting the high adoption of fog computing are high response time, high network bandwidth, minimizes network latency, and problem solving at data level among other. Some of the factors limiting the growth of fog computing are security and privacy issues, and authentication issues among others.

Key Players:

The prominent players in the fog computing market are- Cisco Systems Inc. (U.S.), Microsoft Corporation (U.S.), Dell Inc. (U.S.), Toshiba Corporation (Japan), Intel Corporation (U.S.), Fujitsu (Japan), ARM Ltd. (U.K.), Schneider Electric Software, LLC (Japan), PrismTech Corporation (U.S.), and Nebbiolo Technologies (U.S.) among others.

Fog Computing Market Segmentation

The Fog Computing Market has been segmented on the basis of types and application. The revenue source comprises of hardware and software. The study indicates that the hardware would hold a major share in the fog computing market and software will grow at high CAGR in the Forecast period. The application verticals comprises of Smart Energy, Smart Buildings and Home Automation, Transportation, Healthcare, Smart Industries/Manufacturing among others. The study indicates that smart energy and smart manufacturing segment has a larger share in the fog computing market.

 Market Research Analysis:

Regional analysis for fog computing market is studied in different geographic regions as Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of world. It has been observed that North America region would account for larger share in fog computing market followed by Europe and Asia Pacific is expected to grow at high CAGR in the forecast period. The high initiative’s by SMEs and large organizations to store data in cloud and towards digital economy is expected to drive market of fog computing in Asia Pacific Region.

 Intended Audience:

  • Small & Large Enterprises
  • Government Bodies
  • IT & Telecommunications Companies
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Utilities Companies
  • Smart Energy Organizations
  • Financial organizations
  • Data center Companies
  • IT infrastructure providers
  • Software providers
  • System integrators
  • Network service providers
  • Cloud providers

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