Engraving words on our loved ones’ grave as a reminder

Written by Memorialplaques


When people die, a gravestone is placed where they are buried. This is done as a reminder of the departed. Another usage is to remember where the person was buried. When people go to the cemetery, they can see from far away where their relative lies. Some people choose engraving something on the gravestone like a part of a favourite song, a prayer; some may choose the person nickname, and others choose to place a picture to remember their physical appearance. It is the saddest part of people’s life. No one wants to go through this. It’s a moment where the family gathers together and make a group decision, or sometimes adult kids make it.

At Sanctuary Memorials, you can get this job done. They make artistic work. Although knowing how bad you may feel at the moment, they know a perfect gravestone NZ for the departed would make you feel a little better. They would offer you the best and the most long-lasting gravestone designs made out of granite or marble. With different designs and shapes, they will help you choose the proper gravestone to dedicate your loved one. It is really hard choosing the right one since everything you do will remind you that person is gone. But these people are prepared to know how to handle things calmly and make the moment less painful.

Sanctuary Memorials also offers gravestone refurbishing and repairing. Sometimes people abandon their relatives’ graves and all of sudden they decide to go back to visit. And what do they find? They find an old and damaged grave, spoilt by the weather, others because cemetery visitors pass by and since it is abandoned they step onto it. So, Sanctuary Memorials can renew it, by making the proper reparation. They remove everything and start refurbishing it by making a wonderful work, of course, always following your ideas. They can also restore pictures and other materials placed there from the moment of the burial.

Sanctuary Memorials is by your side at the most difficult time of your life. Losing a loved one is the hardest moment a person may face. That is why they are engaged to do their best at the time of building and designing the most wonderful and long-lasting monument. In case you don’t agree with burial and want to do cremation, they can also build a monument at home where you can put your loved one’s ashes. However, some people prefer having a small monument at the cemetery but building a big one at home so they can feel closer to that person’s spirit. They can place flowers and light candles more often. It depends on people’s beliefs and religions.

So, it is hard to get used to living without your loved ‘s presence. It’s a difficult-to-swallow pain. It may take months and even years. Sanctuary Memorials will be in charge of building that special reminder so you can feel that loved person’s presence every time you visit his/her grave. They know how hard it is. Unfortunately, that’s the way life is, and we have to accept it somehow or other. A picture, a verse, a poem on a gravestone will bring that loved one closer to us.

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