Drupal Development A Boon for Content Management

Written by srinfosystem

Drupal has emerged out to be one of the most popular CMS. It has simplified the process of designing websites and has proved itself to be of use for large scale as well as small enterprises. A user can easily add new content, update or edit existing website content.

Content is a differentiating factor for businesses. In fact, the key to success of a website is primarily content. It’s not just about telling people who you are and what you do. It’s about how you communicate your brand essence, mission and values to your potential customers. With so much to take care of, Drupal helps in effectively managing and creating content. It helps to engage your target audience and convince them to take action.

Here are some of the features that set Drupal apart from the rest:

  • Flexibility

Drupal’s major USP is that it offers a lot of flexibility to its users. Users have the choice to create and manage a wide range of content types that are not just limited to articles and blogs. This feature appeals to organizations from diverse sectors. Drupal is equipped with several design elements, which makes it easy to create both simple as well as complicated web page configurations.

  • Scalability

Another feature of Drupal is that it’s highly scalable.  With time, you can easily add more web pages without changing anything. Even at times of high traffic, Drupal helps your website to function effectively.

  • Customizability

With thousands of modules and plug-ins available, Drupal is tremendously customizable. You can customise according to your project requirements and add/modify custom features to enhance the functionality of your website.

  • Community

Drupal is an open source CMS platform, which allows for free exchange of ideas on the internet. You can engage your audience by asking them to contribute to your website, have discussion boards, etc. Administrator has complete control over what is published on the website. A bonus point is that one does not have to pay any royalty.

  • Cross-browser usability and support

Drupal is also highly compatible with several browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Every website is visible and functions properly on all browsers. Also, since Drupal is open source in nature, it has a large support network. You can consult several other designers and theme makers all across the globe for your queries and get the right support during different stages such as installation, deployment and post-installation.


  • Security

Lastly, Drupal has a robust security structure. Your confidential data is securely protected. Although, as a user you have to take certain measures to ensure complete security.

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