Donate your Pet memorial Items to a Shelter

There are never any words that seem sufficient enough for the emotions that a pet memorial parent feels during a loss. You go through all of the levels of grief, and yet you still have that empty hole in your heart. While time indeed does help to heal there are some things that you can do to honor your pet and assist in the transition from pain to happy memories.

Donate your Pet memorial Items to a Shelter

The items that you have for your beloved furred family member were theirs alone. Even if you have other pets in your home, there were personal possessions that were not shared. Wash and clean them and take them to a local non-kill pet shelter. These little ones are in need and giving warm and wonderful items can allow the memory of your pet to be carried on in a positive way. Carry this forward with any extra pet foods and treats, as shelters are always in need of these to help those that are looking for forever homes. If your pet was on medication, confer with your Veterinarian and get permission to donate these as well. In many cases, shelters rely on good hearted Vets for some commonly used meds. Financial donations in your pet’s name is another way to bring happiness to other pets. Whether it is a shelter or those that are actively involved in rescuing abandoned and hurt animals, your donation can be so valuable.

Create a Garden

If you have an area that you can devote to create a small garden, you can use this as a way to help you craft a single place that can offer beauty and continued growth. You can plant anything that makes your heart happy; from flowers to herbs, each one will be a sign of renewal. This is another place that you can add small remembrances such as engraved stones, solar glowing angels, and other markers.

Hanging Ornaments

Almost every family includes their pets when it comes to the holidays. The arrival of this time when your pet is gone can also be some of the saddest. Create hanging ornaments with their picture that honor your pet. While it might be difficult the first year, with each season that passes you will find them and they will bring a smile. Establishing this as a tradition can also help others in your family as they share in your loss. This is especially true when it comes to children as they often have difficulty processing their grief.  You don’t have to use the ornaments just for a holiday, as you can hang them either inside or outside on a more permanent basis. Whatever choice you make will be the one that fits you, your family and the combined love for your pet.

Taking actions that help to bring a sense of closure to the loss of a pet can be challenging and difficult, but with each one that you accomplish, you will have an improved experience so that you can remember your pet in a loving and committed way.


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