Do Online Appointments Work Best for Regular Checkups?

Importance of Regular Health Checkups
Written by rinkimanya

Visiting doctors at every regular intervals for check-ups is quite taxing. We often keep looking for the best doctor near us, that specializes in the ailment that needs to be taken care of. After finding the doctor, booking an appointment seems to take forever. This keeps repeating before every visit. And that is where online medical booking comes to the rescue. Today the healthcare has reached digital heights. Everything is computerized, right from finding doctors to hospitals to medicines; the healthcare industry has flourished digitally. You just need to find a doctor and book. It’s that simple for the users.

Here are some points why regular check-ups make online booking work to its best advantage:

  • Immunization for kids — If you are a parent, you must be aware of the importance of timely immunisation for your kids. The vaccinations that continue through the growing years too, need a proper monitoring and timely reminders. With online appointment facility, there is no need for you to keep a book and pen record. You will get automatic notifications as and when needed.
  • Pregnancy check-ups — Obstetricians recommend check-ups at regular intervals for pregnant women. Our busy work-schedule often makes us forget those dates and we end up late. An online healthcare portal acts as your personal reminder.
  • Chronic illness monitoring —  It is important to scrutinise regular tests and examinations for chronically ill patients. Those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or any cardiovascular diseases have the need to visit the doctor from time to time for their health monitoring. Also patients suffering from acute kidney ailments might need a dialysis. The dates are taken care of by the online healthcare portal you have signed up for.
  • Post-surgery checkups — Often recurring check-ups are required after a bypass surgery, spine surgery, knee replacement surgery or a cancer surgery. The doctor provides you with recurring follow-up treatment dates. It is important to get those treatments (especially chemotherapies and radiations) done at the scheduled dates. A personal digital reminder is of great help. 
  • Book slots and save time — Pregnant ladies, babies and older patients have certain need of the moment. So getting appointments done online at the available slots makes it easy for them to come at the scheduled time and get check-ups done without having to wait for hours.
  • Routine health check-ups —Visiting doctor at the eleventh hour is not the best option. Our on-the-go lifestyle calls for regular health check-ups to keep serious diseases at bay. Don’t avoid these routine health check-ups at any cost. Your health is best managed by these online healthcare portals. Why not start by visiting a dentist or an ophthalmologist?
  • EMR — Go for digital health records instead of maintaining thick files of diagnostic tests and prescriptions. Even if you misplace a paper or two, your medical records are stored safely in cloud that you’ll be able to access from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Promotional offers — Every online booking platform gives certain promotional offers and benefits from time to time. That is a great way to save some money when you need to go for regular check-ups.
  • Online payment made hassle-freeBook an doctor appointment online and get your payment done at the same time and click. Choose a payment mode online as per your convenience.
  • Free newsletters and health-tips — We all love some freebies. By subscribing with an online healthcare portal, you will receive free newsletters and health tips from time to time.

Digitisation has taken the medical industry by storm. There are a number of online healthcare portals that have started making a mark in the Indian healthcare market. It plays an important role in helping users with easy online doctor appointment. Let’s make the best out of it. 

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