Digital Presell Boards – A Great addition to your Drive-Thru Lane

If you’ve already begun to utilize digital menu boards inside your dining room, you know how effective they can be. Dayparting and highlighting specials are a breeze, as our menu changes. And, they are so up-to-date and in synch with today’s digitally-oriented consumers.

The next logical step is outside digital signage for your drive-thru lanes, but the expenses involved in setting up a complete outdoor system are considerable. However, in this instance, you don’t have to go in the full bore from the start to gain some very real benefits.

Digital Presell Boards are a great way to get started, and with surprisingly little outlay, you can quickly start to reap the benefits that electronic display signage can offer.

As their name implies, digital presell boards will serve to affect the customers buying choices before he or she reaches either the main menu or the checkout counter. Because of their digital electronic nature, you can display animation or even videos that highlight your current specials or one-time-only offers. There’s nothing like a real-life view of a happy eater tearing into an item you want to move to inspire that hoped-for meal choice.

Speeding Up the Ordering Process. As an experienced manager, you have no doubt seen customers hem and haw, and sometimes even freeze, at the checkout counter. If they’ve seen a powerful, effective presentation at the presell board, an indecisive buyer will, in all likelihood, just say, “I’ll take what I saw on that menu board outside.” Now, you new special has a new, enthusiastic adherent. Multiply this by the many times it will happen each day, and not only will you have introduced many customers to your new item, but you will have also made a noticeably positive impact on throughput.

Message Coordination. Your digital presell board can be controlled with the same software that governs your indoor digital menu boards – and your POS system. Now, at the touch of a button, you change the message you present to your customer, and each will reinforce the other, and in this case, one and one will add up to more than two!


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Having been involved with digital signage and With several years of experience implementing indoor menu boards, drive-thrus and digital menu boards since its inception, Origin Display Group know what questions to ask and the routes to take when acting as a guiding hand towards a solution. Beyond our product line, it is our services that truly set us apart. We don’t just sell you menu boards, we provide solutions that meet your specific needs, budget, expectations and DEADLINES!

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