Audio Equipment Insurance for Sound Designers Music Gears

Audio Equipment Insurance for Sound Designers Music Gears
Written by micheljordan4

Are you the geek that creates the right sound for the band? Are you the behind-the-scenes magician for your band? If yes, then you need these five things that will help you create the apt sound for your band. Make sure you invest in them first.

Audio Interface: We believe this is the most important part of designing good sound for the music you have composed. It is basically an interface that includes analog and digital converters. With this by your side, you can convert the audio you have recorded into a digital version that comes with full HD quality. The sound that you have recorded is definitely good but, if you want to make sure it is heard and makes the difference, you need to invest in a good audio interface.

When it comes to buying a good audio interface, you need to make sure you have a good budget, and have researched the top models and their differences. Focusrite is one of the best known audio interfaces. It comes with preamps and AD/DA convertors that are known for quality.

Microphones: Recording is an important part of creating good music. You should invest in a tough gear that helps you record the sound perfectly. That’s why investing in a good pair of microphones is essential. They will not just make recording fun but also ensure the output is really good. sE microphones are really good, if you want to buy quality and reliable stuff for your band.

If you are at an intermediary level, you would have realized that there are tons of microphones available in the market. Each one differs in the quality and level of sound it produces. You need to choose one that fits your needs, experience level and budget perfectly.

Field Recorders: If you want to capture the sound around you, this is the thing you should add to your armoury. Zoom’s field recorder is notably one of the best. They come with a XY stereo microphone, which allows you to record while on the go, while capturing the best sounds around you. If you want, you can invest in device specific microphone.

Studio Monitors with Headphones: it is not enough to create sound; you need to be able to hear it properly too. This is why you need to invest in studio monitors with headphones for your business. You should choose the ones that have near flat frequency response for the best audio results. When you go out to purchase them, make sure you invest some time, in hearing them out before going ahead with the purchase. The main thing is to buy one that fits your budget perfectly.

Finally, you should have an iPad that helps you create new sounds, and identify sounds that you can use with your music.

When you have all the five gear with you, you should invest in audio equipment insurance that will take care of this gear. This will save you from taking care of the damages, identifying places where you can get it repaired, and worrying about the costs. You can create good sound while staying carefree.

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